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What Web InBasket® is?

Web InBasket® is the innovative platform, developed and property of Artémat, for the management of recruitment/assessment activities, matching the natural evolution of Digital Transformation in the company.

The experience and know how acquired over the years by the Artémat team has allowed the planning and development of Digital HR environments and tools capable of innovating and improving the procedures of:


The user can check the storyboard of the simulation scenario at any time: objectives, task and critical issues.


All the characters present in the simulation the user can interact with. The fact sheets describe the role, skills and background of each character.


The Mail tool allows the user to interact with an electronic mail client, receiving and sending email, attachments, and creating drafts.


The Calendar tool allows the user to view, schedule and change appointments, involving also other characters of the scenario.


The Chat tool allows an interaction between the user and the other characters of the simulation scenario.


The user can use the Notes tool in order to jot down calculations, thoughts, objectives, etc.

My Link

My Link tool simulates a professional social network, containing the user’s main contacts (including information regarding their expertise). The user can interact with them by means of messages and email.


The user can create, view, change and save a document, at any time.

How does Web InBasket® Work?

The Web InBasket® is an individual role-playing that simulates a specific business scenario. The candidate is called upon to make decisions, organize work, assign priorities, delegate, manage information and solve critical issues.

The Web InBasket® platform allows to make the observation context more realistic and dynamic, stimulating the skills needed for the role (e.g. resilience, problem solving, communication, team collaboration, analysis, etc.).

With respect to the traditional in-basket paper-based documents, the candidate can interact in real time with the other characters, managing business meetings and networking activities, replying to emails and chat, analysing and elaborating documents.

Quality Analyses

The HR can develop a quality analysis, investigating skill areas that are missed by traditional methods. In this way, it is possible to observe and evaluate the candidates’ skills in solving complex situations, adopting simple solutions for operational problems, orientation to the objective, rapidity of decision-making in high-risk situations, interacting and communicating effectively with the others virtual characters.

Why Web InBasket®

Web InBasket® platform, developed and property of Artémat allows to:


the identification of talents either internal or external to organization.


the candidate’ hard and/or soft skills for the role.


identify the management, organizational and relational training needs and verify the acquisition of specific functional skills at the end of training activities.


the resources available and their skills for assigning new and more complex roles.


the Digital Soft Skills: the ability to use digital tools effectively to improve productivity and quality of business processes.

Customized Web InBasket®

The Web InBasket® platform is a high flexibility tool allowing a high level of customization on the basis of the corporate needs. Artémat designs and develops customized scenarios for its clients, through the following steps:

  • Analysis of the skills areas to evaluate
  • Definition of simulation storyboard
  • Definition of the methodology and observation tools (mail, chat, documents, professional social media, virtual meetings, etc.)
  • Design of the simulation events and the score scale per each skill
  • Planning and development of the reports
  • Testing
  • Release of the administrator platform for assessment/recruitment campaigns

The customized simulation scenarios allow to qualitatively evaluate different skill areas, such as, for example: result orientation, analysis and synthesis ability, organizational and planning attitudes, leadership, decision making, communication, problem solving and creative thinking.

It is also possible to insert events that simulate the operational reality in order to investigate and evaluate (assign a score) the candidate's hard skills (technical, economic, engineering, etc.).

Skills Ranking

Immersive • Dynamic
Innovative • Educational
Multidisciplinary • Stimulating
Constructive • Difficult
Realistic • Exciting
Motivating • Structured

Our Web InBasket

Artémat has developed three macro simulation models based on specific objectives and administration / evaluation processes


The candidate faces the simulation context in real time: He/She uses his/her own communication style in order to write emails, documents, chat messages and schedule meetings, useful for managing complex situations. The HR can evaluate each single simulation event and assign a score (according the specific score scale) through the administrator panel of the Web InBasket® platform.


The candidate can make a real-time decision by choosing among alternatives pushed by the platform via email, chat and meetings. Each single decision alternative is linked to a new specific event (not-linear events), and so on until the end of the simulation. The final score and the report are automatically generated by the platform at the end of the simulation.


The candidate can make a real-time decision both by choosing among alternatives pushed by the platform (Automatic Web InBasket®) and directly writing email and chat (Qualitative Web InBasket®). The HR can evaluate each single simulation event, in which the candidate writes text, and modify the score the platform automatically generates.


The new innovative, effective and engaging tool for managing online and on-site assessment sessions. The participants, grouped in a team, face a common complex situation to stimulate the application of all the skills in target. By using the Role playing and In-tray methodologies, it is possible to make the observation context more realistic and dynamic.

Fascinating • Compelling
Stressful • Fast
Practical • Original
Rational • Visual Friendly
Instructive • Anxiogenic
Urgent • Multitask

Some images of our Web InBasket® platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Web InBasket® is designed to simulate a manager's desktop computer and its tools: email box, chat, documents, calendar etc. Artémat has also developed a Mobile Web InBasket® version: the Manager uses the smartphone Apps to reply in real time to emails, chats, SMS, calls, etc.
The Web InBasket® platform access is available through a web link: it means only a web connection and a browser are necessary.
A specific section of the Web InBasket® platform explains, in details, the use of the tool. The user can check this section at any time, even during the simulation.
The duration of the Web InBasket® is linked to the complexity of the scenario and the evaluation model (qualitative, automatic or blended). Typically, a qualitative or blended Web InBasket® has a maximum duration of 60-90 minutes, while the automatic Web InBasket® has a maximum duration of 30-45 minutes.
There are no specific limitations on the type and quantity of soft and hard skills to be assessed; it depends on the complexity of the simulation scenario.
Artémat has developed simulation scenarios in Italian and English language. However, the customization of the scenarios allows to make the Web InBasket® available in different languages.
New graduates, graduates, office workers, managers, etc. it is possible to identify the suitable simulation scenario for each professional figure, modifying the complexity and the competences map.
The cost of the Web InBasket® depends on the number of simulations to be launched over a specific period or for specific assessment/ recruitment campaigns. Different and specific agreements are defined on the basis of the customers needs (at catalogue, customization process, etc.). For further information, contact us.
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Piazza Vermicelli c/o Incubatore TechNest 87036 Arcavacata di Rende (CS)